Help drivers to get rid of loneliness and stay healthy.

Project Info  5-member Team Project @ Audi App Challenge

My Roles   User Researcher, UX & UI Designer 

Date   Sep, 2015-Jan, 2016


User Research

To get inspiration, we need to know what bothers drivers and passengers. 


Main Problems


We interviewed 20 users in a week, including 10 drivers and 10 passengers, about their experience of traveling by car.

From the 20 interviews, we concluded 6 main problems above and figured out 2/3 are concerns about physical and mental health.



According to the 6 main problems, we sent out questionnaires via the Internet. From the 187 questionnaires collected after a week, more than 70% of the interviewees showed their worries were primarily about health and communication.

Therefore, our team decided to design an application to help drivers communicate safely and stay in health.

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We had about 15 minutes to write down any insight about in-car communication and health. After coming up with 61 ideas, we analyzed them by 2 mind maps. Then our team discussed about whether these ideas could be fulfilled in car without generating danger.


Personas & Scenario


2.Yu was upset. He didn’t know what was wrong. Suddenly, he was noticed by Road app that today’s Zhu’s first day of period.

1.Yu and Zhu had words with each other and Zhu dashed through the door, leaving Yu stewing at home.

3.Understanding that Zhu was suffering from mood swings,  Yu apoligized to Zhu by sending a video to her. He hoped it can help.

4. Zhu received Yu’s message, and checked it when she stoped at a traffic light. She smiled and was cheered up by Yu.

1. Yu was driving late at cold night. He had been working overtime many times these days and felt very tired.

2.“Why he hasn’t come back?” Zhu missed Yu very much, so she opened the Road app to check his status and noticed that he was still driving.

3.Zhu‘s heart ached for Yu. She wanted to call him, however, she didn’t want to bother his driving. So she sent him a message by Road: “I miss you, darling.”


4.Yu received Zhu’s message, feeling warm even in such a cold winter. Then he proceeded to home lighthearted.


Pitch the Solution

Based on the research result and the scenario, I analyzed the issue and organized the ideas, after which I came up with a concept map.


1.To protect drivers privacy, only selected sharers have access to drivers' health condition and route information.

2.To ensure driving safety, while sharers can send message to drivers at anytime, messages will be sent to drivers only when they stop their cars at traffic light or whilst sitting in traffic. 



iOS App

The iOS app mainly focuses on providing users with drivers' health and driving information, so there is no navigation function. Besides, removing navigation function prevents drivers from using their smart phones while driving, which can ensure their driving safety.

In-car Tablet

The in-car tablet mainly focuses on providing drivers with navigation and safe communication functions. In order to ensure driving safety, the function of checking health condition is minimized in the driving mode. However, due to the larger screen in car, drivers can check their detailed health and driving information before or after their travels.  

visual language


User Interface


Main Walkthrough