Mr. Owl

My mascot!

I  love owls so much! I created the character,  Mr. Owl, as my mascot in which I have made lots of designs for fun!


Hand Drawn Animation

I was asked to design an opening movie for Student Festival 2014 and I decided to create a funny story about Mr. Owl. In the story, Mr. Owl defeated all my classmates and finally won the game. 


After I created a plot, I drew 588 pictures in two weeks to design Mr. Owl's movement and personality.  And then I scanned them into my laptop as my design material. 

Movement Design

Filming & Editing

With the help of my film-major friend Zhongze Li, we worked together to shot my classmates' scenes and then I combined them with my hand drawing pictures. Now I had finished all the frames! Playing them one by one, Mr. Owl was fighting with real people. 


Holiday Cards

Every year, I gave my hand-made cards to my best friends as gifts. I feel so lucky to have met them all in my life!


Class Uniform


Canvas Bag

布袋展示G 副本.jpg

Clay Model