I love drawing since I was young and I dreamed of becoming an illustrator for a very long time. Now I draw pictures as a way of recording my life and have designed lots of posters voluntarily for my friends and various of organizations. Also, I like trying different painting methods to gain random inspirations. Here are some of my recent works :)


Hand Drawings

Kyoto Impression

I went to travel in Kyoto during the last winter vacation. The people, the sky, and the streets here all impressed me a lot. They inspired me to draw down what I saw along the trip. I like to immerse myself in weaving the lines. They are so pure and powerful, enabling me to convey my subtle feelings about this colorful world.

673446425 拷贝.jpg

Automobile Design


I was an automobile designer. I find out that sketching and drawing are a good way to fully understand the perfect surfaces and the spirits of speed power. 

In these pictures, I created my own rendering method to paint them as realistic as possible. First, I used markers to fill the color and then portrayed the subtle relationship of light and shadow by using colored pencils. Each picture took about two to three days and I really enjoy these processes.



Artboard 33 copy 20.png
Artboard 33 copy 50.png
Artboard 33 copy 90.png
Artboard 33 copy 30.png
Artboard 33 copy 80.png
Artboard 33 copy 110.png
Artboard 33 copy 40.png
Artboard 33 copy 60.png
Artboard 33 copy 100.png

Poster Design

Roller Skating Team Recruitment 

How can I attract more students to join in our team? I decided to show that we are not only experienced roller skaters, but also that we are fun guys. So I picked out two characteristics to present in the posters: the first one is that we are taller, and the second one is that we are faster, especially when we are robbing food:D Additionally, I designed an exclamation point to connect two posters. 


Sports Club Recruitment

In this poster, I creatively used the images of badminton, tennis, ping-pong, and swimming pool, they are four sports clubs that recruiting, to make up the word "YOU".