I love drawing very much and I dreamed of being a painter when I was young. Now I draw pictures as a way of recording my life and have designed lots of posters voluntarily for my friends and various of organizations. Furthermore, I like trying different painting methods, which gives me considerable inspirations. Here are some of my recent works


Hand Drawings

Kyoto Impression

I went to travel in Kyoto during the last winter vacation. The people, sky, and streets here really impressed me, so I drew down what I saw along the trip in my sketchbook. I like to immerse myself in weaving these lines. They are so pure while powerful enough to convey my subtle feelings about this colorful world.

673446425 拷贝.jpg

Automobile Rendering


I love cars. I find out that drawing is a good way to fully understand their perfect surfaces and their spirits of speed as well as power. 

In these pictures, I created my own rendering method to paint them as realistic as possible. First, I used markers to fill the color and then portrayed the subtle relationship of light and shadow by applying colored pencils. Each picture took about two to three days and I really enjoy these processes.




3D Pavement Drawing

This is a publicity work of Student Festival 2014. I worked with my classmates to create this 3D pavement drawing by using fluorescent pink tapes. The final result was amazing! It looks like the word "Che Ye " was floating in the air, and many students were attracted to our work.


Poster Design

Roller Skating Team Recruitment 

How can I attract more students to join in our team? I decided to show that we are not only experienced roller skaters, but also that we are fun guys. So I picked out two characteristics to present in the posters: the first one is that we are taller, and the second one is that we are faster, especially when we are robbing food:D Additionally, I designed an exclamation point to connect two posters. 


Sports Club Recruitment

In this poster, I creatively used the images of badminton, tennis, ping-pong, and swimming pool, they are four sports clubs that recruiting, to make up the word "YOU".