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Yes! I have good ideas!


Let's connect :D

I am seeking a UX design internship now! 

My passion for design began from a very young age. I love creating something to inspire people and bringing them happiness. Also, I believe that it is interaction design that allows rational technology to evoke emotional feelings from people. That's why I decide to become a UX designer.

I am now studying Human-Computer Interaction in Georgia Institute of Technology. I love the vibrant environment and insightful people around me and I'm eager to see the broader world to go further in interaction design.




New Apps: I download many new interesting apps every week. Trying them and keeping the best ones, I have more than 200 apps on my phone now.

Drawing: I have received professional art training for 6 years. Drawing is a good way for me to record and express my inner feelings.

Marathon: I was one of the youngest runner in Beijing International Marathon 2015. I keep running 50km a week and adapt vegetarian diet to prepare for my next marathon race!

Roller Skate: Skating on campus at night with my friends makes me feel like I am the king of the world :p

Dive: Directed by Olympic diving coach, I jumped from 10m platform into water. After that, I feel like I will never be afraid of anything.

Travel: Traveling alone gives me an opportunity to become a stranger in a totally different world and go through other people's life stories.

Keeping a diary: I have been keeping my diary by notes and short videos for 8 years. I treasure every moment that composes my life.