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“Yes! I have good ideas!”

“Yes! I have good ideas!”

Hey! I’m Mika!

I am seeking a full-time UX/ Product design opportunity! 

Born in Japan and grew up in China. I find true happiness when I am designing. I strive to exceed expectations in everything I do as a designer - working hard to repay my luckiness of doing my dream job.

My mixed background of both design and engineering enables me to follow the rational design process to solve problems visually. I enjoy partnering with PMs and Engineers to make design decisions that help the team to find the best way forward. Also, I believe that striving for simplicity makes me a better designer.

Before pivoting into product design, I learned drawing for 6+ years, studied automobile design at Tsinghua University, and worked on art installation works. The common thread throughout is my passion for creating something to bring people happiness, whether I am crafting illustrations or shipping a product.


I treasure every moment in my life:


I enjoy:

New Apps: I download new apps every week just for fun and killing my time. Trying all of them and keeping the best ones, I have more than 200 apps on my phone now (which makes my phone run a little bit slow TAT). Feel free to reach out to me for app recommendations :)

Illustration: I learned sketching and painting professionally during my primary & middle school and my childhood dream was to become an illustrator. Now drawing is the way that I record my daily life and express my inner feelings.

Marathon/ Roller Skating/ Diving: Challenging myself and doing something different are the ways that I energize myself. I was one of the youngest runner in Beijing International Marathon in 2015 and finished the run in 5 hours. I skate on campus at night with friends to escape from the daily stress. And I jumped from 10-meter platform into water to face my fear directly. I am now trying to learn surfing.

Traveling: Traveling alone gives me an opportunity to become a stranger in a totally different world and go through other people's life stories. Walking into people’s minds and reaching to people’s heart enable me to build empathy towards the whole world. I love visiting tons of featured cafes with my sketchbook to draw and to listen to other people’s talking.

Keeping a diary: I have been keeping diary by notes and short videos for 10 years. I treasure every moment that composes my life. That helps me to face my weakness, reflect on myself, and remember the kindness that I received from other people. I am always thankful for meeting all the people around me. They help me to become ME.